To keep the pace with the changing trends, adopting the new technologies is essential. Quality management services which are equipped with innovative and lucrative returns have worth in the software industry. To enhance the efficiency and precision of workflow, it has become crucial to rely on proven testing processes and technologies. It not only helps in reducing the risks but the overall cost of the project as well.

Quality Management is essential to maintain the excellence of the project. It is not only limited to the testing processes of the client but varies across the entire software development lifecycle. No matter what development methodology is adopted, quality management becomes crucial to upkeep the superiority and fineness of the work.

When it comes to the best software quality management services, Infipix excels. It provides you the know-how of the Return of Investment of your organization’s endeavors. With the help of our specialized IT Quality Assurance professionals who have got vast experience and deeper insights, assist in improving the industry set approaches to software testing.

When enhancing the efficiency of work and improving the project quality become crucial, Software Quality Management solutions from Infipix could help manifolds. It offers single stop support across every platform and efficient testing methodologies using coproduced testing hubs.

How Infipix helps organizations

Infipix encompasses a team of experts who deliver top-notch quality management services. Endowing effective and valuable functional services along with load testing, Infipix ensures a remunerative solution for product managers, testers as well as developers. It helps in optimizing the time as well as resources fruitfully.

The primary areas where our team provides the quality management services include-

  • Software Quality Management
  • Functional Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Integration Testing

Covering the significant and highly essential areas, Infipix helps in the following ways-

  • Reduces the cost incurred in the software delivery process and lessens the chances of risks involved in it.
  • Brings transparency in work and enhances the authenticity.
  • Ensures an efficient utilization of automated testing to speed up the market processing time.
  • Reduces the time of delivery and other errors incurred during the entire workflow.
  • Take data-driven decisions with a proper insight into the organization and the facts involved.

Infipix Testing Capabilities

  • Huge resource capacity for testing requirements
  • Huge savings on cost by outsourcing
  • On time and in budget service capabilities
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Virtual Environment (VMWare) options
  • Multi Hardware Testing

Our Capabilities Include

  • Technology Advisory Services
  • Software Assessments/ Health Checks
  • Proof Of Concept
  • Performance Testing as a service
  • Automated Script Development
  • Testing As A service

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Driving business outcomes with Infipix

Superior quality

We believe in imparting quality results, therefore, customize solutions based on QA Experts analysis. Maximizing the returns and minimizing the risks are the major motto.

Custom solutions

We work only to fulfill your needs. Therefore, emphasizing your business objectives, we put efforts in the right direction. Our testing goals will be only to improvise the profitability.

Diverse Knowledge

We use advanced and innovative technologies like Selenium and Oracle Enterprise Tools as the major Open Source Tools to accomplish the tasks.


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