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Enable Enterprise Wide Mobile must Philosophy

Personalized sales experience through customer recognition

Digital transformation initiatives can help enterprises

  • Digital transformation acceptance can elevate enterprises by delivering simple experiences that are data backed, insightful and real.
  • Scale Efficiency and boost profitability from Operations.
  • Connect the Resources optimally to drive creativity and boost work productivity
  • Take Calculated Risks backed by numbers.
  • Help build a collaborative partnership environment

A transformative changed took place in the last decade on the internet. From assets to commerce and consumers. Breakneck development in technological and consumer evolution has challenged enterprises to be more flexible, transparent and hence trustworthy. Digital is helping businesses evolve and use insightful data to lead competitive differentiation. The fuel to the entire transformation is DATA.

In the era of digitalization, a huge transformative change and technological enhancement have been observed. It has brought flexibility and transparency to work. Data is the fuel for the digital transformation which is helping businesses to progress. Exploring the data leads to competitive differentiation that helps in elevating the profitability of enterprise manifolds.

How Digital Transformation is helping

  • Bestows authentic information backed by data
  • Elevate the efficiency and convenience
  • More remunerative
  • Endows greater connectivity leading to better productivity
  • Take calculated risks
  • Create collaborative partnership environment
  • Contribution of Infipix in Digital Transformation
  • We provide a smooth migration and adoption to the digital world to continue the workflow
  • We make sure to enhance your digital experience and scale up the profitability
  • We strive to reduce the cost and risk by taking data-driven decisions to endow innovative and advance products and service
  • We improve your digital experience, simplify your operational systems and mobilize your business

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What We Do

Business decisions backed by data driven conclusions will be the truth of customer- centric economy. But given the large pool of data and obsolete nature of traditional analytical tools, business need to rethink the way they utilize data to drive actionable insights. Infipix’s Digital Insights help you

  • Leverage breakthrough data analytics solutions
  • Conclude with real-time actionable insights
  • Implement innovative solutions of business problems
  • Develop a data driven decision making culture

Developing for competitive differentiation requires more than just an innovative idea, it requires organizations to deliver fast and deliver smart. Competitive advantage lies in the ability to bring ideas to life at the speed of light, gather and incorporate feedback, and accelerate time to market to morph into the next-gen of delivery ecosystem. Our rapid prototyping offering enables organizations to:
Developing software for competitive advantage requires much more than innovation; its expects enterprises to execute with precision and optimise with data. Competitive advantage primarily depends on bringing ideas to life quick enough, collect feedbacks and speed up to market launch to dissolve into a next generation digitally efficient businesses. Our Rapid Prototyping offers:

  • Accelerate Idea to MVP process through a proven 4 step prototyping framework.
  • Empowering every stakeholder in digital transformation with a common vision.
  • Use efficient feedback mechanism to adapt, build, test and deploy solutions

Volatile Market dynamics has pushed enterprises to implement changes with highest priorities. With technology at its core for businesses today, connecting physical and digital world is enabling dynamic and complex interactions of devices, employees and businesses. A welcoming attitude for such digital proliferation will benefit organisations by minimising risk, creating connected digital infrastructures. We constantly help organisation to:

  • Digitally powered Omni channel experience
  • Delivering better customer understanding using right analytics, connected IoT and mobility
  • Define personalised path from customer awareness to purchase journey
  • Use of recommendation engines and predictive analytics to customize offerings
  • Constant effort on improving interactions throughout the customer journey
  • Leverage digital first approach to enhance efficiency and deliver digital asset faster

Infipix’s Application Services aim to support organisations around the entire life of the application cycle. A highly business centric transformation can be achieved by our application service experts right from design, building to managing the application. We help enterprises to :

  • Leverage Omni Channel technology to deliver better Customer Experience.
  • Deliver highly efficient Content Management Strategy to deliver personalised and contextual understanding
  • Design/Redesign complete enterprise architecture to accelerate achieve digital goals
  • Building mobility applications that solve unique business bottlenecks
  • Deliver applications handling huge volumes of data with negligible downtime
  • Right use of Open Source Technologies to make new, trusted, scalable and effective applications even better

Amongst One of today’s biggest challenges for CIO’s is to ensure the technology integration process are in sync with people, team and management. Being Risk Averse.
Technology focused development delivers competitive advantage of flexible business processes based on latest technologies and infrastructure. It allows to avoid risks and hence minimize the cost of cost of ownership. We help enterprises to:

  • Rediscover business methodologies and hence enhance SDLC by pushing innovation
  • Technically knowledgably resource base is a huge benefit
  • Proven ROI’s by better performance and improved returns
  • Deliver high performance application and design features
  • Build simple, low cost, safe and secure scalable solutions

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