AR VR development services have become need of the hour as both the technologies have an incomparable potential for creating the most amazing experiences across the web and mobile. We, at Infipix, have team of expert AR and VR developers with expertise in these technologies and have ability to bring latest features.

With the advanced and latest Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality development services, our company has become one of the best AR/VR app development companies in the mobility domain. We have a strong and team of top AR/VR app developers who build highly interactive AR/VR apps with unmatched visuals which keep the users surprised and engaged. The developers have a lot of experience in writing cutting-edge algorithms that ensures smooth application downloading and use.

eCommerce retailers are also keep to get AR/VR applications as these emerging technologies help the stores to increase sales and overall customer shopping experience. Therefore, the use of AR and VR in eCommerce has become exciting for both - customers as well as merchants. Online stores are getting the applications developed to keep track of their sales as well.

Benefits of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality:

  • Brand Building
  • Online Reputation Cementing
  • Product Design and Presentation
  • Creating Interactive Marketing Campaigns
  • Speeds up Communication
  • Increases ROI
  • Gives a Personalized Experience to the User

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AR/VR development solutions in marketing activities are helpful for diverse businesses such as Jewellery, Factory/windmills/fields monitoring, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Hotel, Education, Travel, Healthcare, etc. among others. While designing and developing the applications, we keep in mind that that the gaming engines Unity and Unreal Engine has led the pack in AR and VR development for years. The application is compatible with all types of desktops and mobiles.

Our frameworks for building AR experiences on the web such as AR.js, WebAR; mobile such as Aurasma, BlippAR and LayAR; and a number of other platforms such as Wikitude, Vuforia and PixLive. The applications are designed in compliance with the apple AR Kit, Google ARCore, Facebook AR Studio, Snap chat Lens Studio and Amazon Sumerian.


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